The project addressed topics, all being highly actual issues present in the daily practice of urban planning.

1) COVID-19 overwritten municipal plans in many ways all over the world. In V4 countries have limited financial reserves, thus the pandemic threatens urban development projects, creating a need for new methodologies to finance urban development projects. On the other hand, the pandemic questioned primary beliefs and concepts regarding tourism, globalization, housing density and the suburbs; and also strengthening the importance of available institutions and services within walking distance (walkability index).

2) At present there is an ongoing progress of the transformation of the planning systems. The toolkit of planning has changed rapidly and giving competitive and innovative answers is basic condition of creating territorial balance within the European Union and ensuring EU integrity.

3) V4 countries are similar in differing from Western European planning system and economic culture, that is why cross-cutting issues as climate change, digitalisation and Industry 4.0 need a slightly different implementation model. In the V4 planning Platform we do not only plan to bring best practices to experts, but also give a guideline to adapt them in local environment.

For more information, please, visit the main web page of the project on the following link where the final publication of the project is available free to download: