The Institute of Management of STU, the Department of Spatial Planning within Erasmus ICM are deepening cooperation with Cairo University in Egypt

At the beginning of June, as part of the Erasmus ICM program, an internship took place at the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning at Cairo University in Egypt, represented by doc. Vladimír Ondrejička and Dr. Silvia Ondrejičková, which included, in addition to bilateral negotiations with the faculty management, the exchange of know-how, especially in […]

International Student Workshop „Positive energy districts – workshop on approaches to integrated spatial and energy planning for the existing settlements“

Workshop report available here. The international student workshop “Positive energy districts – trinational course on integrated spatial and energy planning approaches for existing settlements” took place on May 9-14 at STU Bratislava and in the city of Trenčín. The main organizers were the Institute of Management, STU Bratislava/Spectra Center of Excellence, University of Belgrade and […]