Assoc. prof. MSc. Matej Jaššo, PhD. is an associate professor at the Department of Spatial Planning at the Institute of Management of STU and one of the scholars ensuring scientifi and scholarly quality of the study programme Spatial Planning. He is a study advisor for the 3rd degree of study and a guarantor of several subjects mainly with a humanities and artistic focus. He is a graduate of social psychology (1997), has an PhD in urban planning (2004) and habilitation in spatial planning (2015). STU fellow for more than 20 years, he is active in the field of research of so-called soft issues in spatial planning, covering topics like regional identity, participative planning, regional marketing and management, urban semiotics, planning culture and theory and ethics of spatial planning. He is the author of the concept “City as a Personality and its reflection in urban semiotics.” In his publishing activities, he is an author or co-author of several chapters/monographies published by renown publishing houses (e.g.Springer Verlag). He is a project team member on a number of international scientific INTERREG and Horizon2020 projects and many other national scientific projects. His lectures were held in many prestigious universities, Vienna, Newcastle upon Tyne, Belgrade and Prague including. He is scientific network coordinator of, a network covering research institutes and universities teaching spatial planning in Central and South Eastern Europe and he is a members of the Ethics Committee of STU.

Research interests: participative planning, city and regional identity, urban semiotics, planning culture, cross-border cooperation, theory and ethics of spatial planning

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