The Department of Spatial Planning of the Institute of Management of STU in Bratislava is a workplace guaranteeing scientific-research and pedagogical activities in the field of Spatial Planning at STU and currently the only such workplace in the Slovak Republic. Therefore, it plays a key role not only in the education and training of experts – spatial planners, but also in scientific research and development activities and the transfer of knowledge and experience into social practice both domestically and internationally. It also participates in the mutual transfer of knowledge between spatial planning and related scientific fields and in the education of experts in these fields.

The research and development activities of the staff of the Department of Spatial Planning are carried out primarily as part of the activities of the SPECTRA Center of Excellence of the European Union at STU. These are focused on the complex management of spatial development in order to ensure the fulfillment of the goals of sustainable territorial development. They respond to the current challenges of global changes, especially climate change, the transformation of the economy towards the knowledge-based economy and Industry 4.0, smart environmentally acceptable urban and rural development, demographic changes, deepening regional differences, accessibility and improving the quality of life, strengthening social equality.

Brief history

The Department of Spatial Planning and Management was established at the Faculty of Architecture of STU in Bratislava as part of the Institute of Urbanism under the leadership of prof. Ing.arch. Maroš Finku, PhD. together with the Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning and the Department of Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning in 2003, which guaranteed study programs in individual fields. After the division of the Institute of Urbanism FA STU in Bratislava, in 2008 it was transformed into the Institute of Spatial Planning FA STU in Bratislava under the leadership of doc. PhDr. Dagmar Petríková, PhD. and after the establishment of the Institute of Management as a university-wide interdisciplinary pedagogical and scientific-research workplace in the same year, his team became the basis of the new Department of Spatial Planning of the Institute of Management of STU in Bratislava, which from 2020 is headed by Ing. Ľubomir Jamečný, PhD.

Milestones of the Department of Spatial Planning