2008 – establishment and successful comprehensive accreditation of the Institute of Management of STU (hereinafter also “ÚM STU)

2008 – accreditation of 5 study programs at three levels of study at ÚM STU

2006 – SPA-CE.net Spatial research and planning network in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, SPECTRA CE EU at STU is the coordinator of the network

2009 – Obtaining an EU award for SPECTRA Centrum as an EU Center of Excellence for the development of the residential infrastructure of the knowledge-based economy SPECTRA+ as a joint workplace with the Institute of Prognostics of the SAS, the Geographical Institute of the SAS and the Comenius University in Bratislava

2009 – Foundation of the international scientific journal TERRA SPECTRA Planning Studies

2010/2011 – the Junior Achievement Slovakia course “Entrepreneurial Vocation” was successfully introduced into teaching at FCHPT as part of the exercises of selected groups of students in the 1st year of bachelor’s, but also in the 1st year of engineering studies at FCHPT

2012 – the ÚM STU – AKK Centrope workplace project became a finalist for the most prestigious European award given by the European Commission, the Regiostar Award in the SUSTAINABLE GROWTH category. The project was also rated as the project of the year 2012 by the important European expert organization IENE

2012 ÚM STU – AKK Centrope workplace project listed by the UN as a world-recommended best practice approach in the field of harmonization of territorial development and landscape protection within the UNEP Annual Report 2012

2014 – establishment of the GIS laboratory of the ÚM STU and the Economic Modeling Laboratory

2015 – establishment of the Constitutional Council, during seven years the Institute created the necessary organizational components for its activity, substantial growth in the quantity and quality of publishing activity, the number of domestic but especially foreign grants, preparation of a proposal for the establishment of a faculty

2016 – receiving the SAV Center of Excellence award for the joint workplace of ÚM STU, SAV Prognostic Institute and SAV Institute of Experimental Psychology – Strategic Analysis Center, focus: interdisciplinary research and company strategies

2016 – 2020 – implementation of the International Student Competition MUNISS, where the ÚM STU acts as the coordinator of the competition in the Slovak Republic, with the close cooperation of the Bratislava and Brno Magistrates, with the invitation of Vienna as well, a number of unique solutions designed by the students of the ÚM STU in mixed teams with other partner universities (VŠVU, FAD STU and UK in Bratislava, Technical University and Masaryk University in Brno) were created

2016 – MOST Award – it was won by the project of four young architects, whose member was Ing. arch. Miroslav Beňák, doctoral student of the Spatial Planning study program at the Institute of Management of STU. They created the Black Holes association focused on searching for abandoned and devastated construction works

2016 – founding of the Slovak Smart City Cluster (SSCC), SPECTRA CE EU at STU in cooperation with the leaders of innovation in the field of smart cities in Slovakia founded the SSCC

2016 – the STU Institute of Management concluded an exclusive contract with the multinational consulting real estate company Colliers International in the research of Smart Choice Office (intelligent choice of office premises)

2017 – establishment of the Central and Eastern European university network CEEPUS Urban innovation network, coordinated by the ÚM STU

2017 – establishment of the Sino-European Alliance for Sustainable Development and Innovation coordinated by SPECTRA CE EU at STU

2017 – 2021 – Joint Degree PhD Program Ferrara, Polis, STU in Bratislava. Joint PhD program for students from the universities of Ferrara, Tirana and Bratislava

2017 – 2021 – ICM ERASMUS joint study exchange programs between ÚM STU and universities in China, Sri Lanka and Egypt

2018 – establishment of a joint workplace of STU and ECNU Shanghai

2018 – accreditation and launch of new study programs I. and II. degree in the field of investment planning of industrial enterprises (in Slovak and English)

2019 – signing of the memorandum on the establishment of SPECTRA CE China in the presence of the Vice-President of the Slovak Government in Shanghai

2019 – accreditation and launch of the new study program III. degree in Sectoral Economics and Management (in Slovak and English)

2019 – STU Excellent team award for the SPECTRA CE EU workplace at STU focused on spatial planning and development of residential infrastructure

2019 – award of the INSPIRATION project by the European Commission (Horizon 2020) The key output of the project – the European research agenda for the management of soil, urban and natural landscapes, sediments and water, was awarded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment (DG Environment) as a significant input for defining further sectoral policies and strategies at the European and national level. The project was in the top three successful projects in Slovakia within Horizon 2020

2020 – the TRANSGREEN project of the ÚM STU workplace – won the prestigious European NATURA AWARD 2020 awarded by the international professional community in Europe

2020/21 – completion of accreditation of all degrees of study programs in the field of Spatial Planning in full-time and part-time study (in English and Slovak)

2020 – establishment of the CCIBIS workplace as a joint workplace of the Carpathian Convention UNEP and SPECTRA CE EU at STU managing the GIS data platform of the Carpathian Convention

2021 – establishment of TP LAB as a cross-border planning GIS laboratory within the INTERREG HU-SK program

2008 – 2021 – successful involvement of ÚM STU staff in prestigious European COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) projects – COST TU0602 and COST TU 1003, 3 projects of the 6th and 7th framework programs, 3 HORIZON 2020 projects, 10 Interreg projects

2009/2021 – ÚM STU host of important European and world events, e.g. of the global initiative Global Entrepreneurship Week aimed at supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship of young people, the Congress of the Association of European Schools of Planning, the AESOP Summer School, etc.