Simona Víťazová Bohovicová is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, where she completed her studies in the field of restoration and revitalization of monuments and historical areas. The aim of her dissertation is the protection of rural-urban structures and architectural heritage as Architectural as an important element in the resilience of communities in specific areas and future local development. Specifically, it focuses on three rural settlements – Šumiac, Špania Dolina and Brhlovce, which have different historical contexts, different climatic and natural conditions, but approximately the same location from important district towns. It examines the decline or development of these municipalities concerning the distance to larger district cities. It evaluates the possibilities for future development and thus the capabilities of their resilience based on their potential in cooperation with local communities.

Research interests: architecture, rural environment, cultural heritage, resilience, citizen participation

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