Sandra Lamy, M.Sc., PhD., is a researcher and university pedagogue in the position of an assistant professor for the field of study Spatial Planning at the Institute of Management of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. She has always been interested in how the body of the city works, who plans it all around us and who creates the imaginary “roof over our heads” for all the inhabitants. Five years of studying this interdisciplinary field enchanted her so much that she did not hesitate to pursue a doctoral degree, which opened the door to the world of urban planning in practice and she successfully completed it with philosophiae doctor title in 2021. During all studying degrees, she received the Student of the Year award for excellent academic results, as well as results in the field of research, the main goal of which is the current challenges of Spatial Development in the Slovak Republic and the EU, especially planning the development of smart and sustainable cities and the implementation of the concept of “Smart City”. Opportunity to travel through the National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic, the CEEPUS network, as well as the Ernst Mach Grant of Action Austria-Slovakia for PhD students, as a researcher in this topic to the capitals of Spain and Austria – Madrid and Vienna, and to collaborate on research with one of the key personalities, with prof. Güell and prof. Giffinger, it gave her irreplaceable experience and knowledge in the field of spatial planning and urbanism, which she is very happy to pass on as a professor to all who decide to study this unique field. In recent years, she is also active in practice, where she uses her knowledge in the commercial environment, and also participates in several international research projects covering the topics of European Spatial Planning and Urban Development – currently mainly in Horizon 2020, but she also focuses on the project management and on the management of European Structural and Investment Funds projects. She is also a co-author of the book on this topic. She also has the ambition to constantly learn and continue to participate in the sustainable development of our cities and municipalities through the development of a community called A PLACE FOR WOMEN, taking into account gender-sensitive planning and user-friendliness of spatial planning.

Research interests: smart cities, sustainable spatial development, urban design, strategic planning, project management

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