Workshop report available here.

The international student workshop “Positive energy districts – trinational course on integrated spatial and energy planning approaches for existing settlements” took place on May 9-14 at STU Bratislava and in the city of Trenčín. The main organizers were the Institute of Management, STU Bratislava/Spectra Center of Excellence, University of Belgrade and Vienna University of Technology. More than 40 students from the aforementioned universities and a dozen lecturers participated in the event, which included both theoretical (in Bratislava) and practical aspects of integrated territorial and energy planning. Topics of spatial planning, climate change, energy efficiency, sustainable energy. Backcast scenarios of planning and energy management were in the spotlight. On the final day in Trenčín, 10 groups of students presented their works focused on selected territorial units/units in the city of Trenčín applying the concept of a positive energy district.

The creative workshop atmosphere you can experience in the short videos below.