Tibor SCHLOSSER | Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Bratislava  | Department of Transportation Engineering

Head of the Department of Transport Structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering STU in Bratislava. As the Chief Transport Engineer of Bratislava (2012–2015), he was responsible for the implementation of a new tram line to Petržalka with the reconstruction of the Old Bridge. He worked as a technical director abroad (2009–2011) on ITS transport system projects. He is an authorized Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers (SKSI) engineer and a representative in IFME as well as a member of ÚNMS SR in TK 07 – Roads.

Research interests: Traffic engineering, Traffic planning, Sustainable mobility, Intelligent trasnportation systems, Smarth growth and New urbanism

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Email address: [email protected]

Phone: 00421 903 236 585

Office: Department of Transport Constructions, Faculty of Civil Engineering STU, Block A, 5th floor