Characteristics of the study program

Graduate of the spatial planning study program in III. at the study level of the field of spatial planning master the scientific methods of inventorying, analysis and evaluation of landscape space from the point of view of landscape-ecological, socio-economic, historical-developmental, psychosocial and other aspects. It examines the processes of spatial development, identifies their laws and regularities. Creatively proposes new approaches, tools and methods of guiding spatial development with an emphasis on ensuring its sustainability, new procedures, methods and tools usable for planning, projection and management of spatial development of territorial entities and the country as a whole.

Application of graduates

A graduate of the doctoral study program in the field of Spatial Planning can find wide application in the science, education and practice of spatial planning and urbanism, in the management of the spatial development of residential systems at the local, regional and macro-regional level, in solving specific problems of economic development in relation to the localization aspects of the development of economic activities as well as in social development in relation to the specific qualities of the human environment. The nature of his interdisciplinary education also provides prerequisites for his application in solving specific tasks in science and in the practical activities of other frontier and participating disciplines, such as e.g. in architecture and urban planning, urban ecology, social ecology, territorial management and marketing, etc.

Graduate of the study program in Spatial Planning (3rd degree):

  • acquires broad knowledge from the sciences of land and settlement structures with an emphasis on the integration of socio-economic, natural-environmental, technical-technological and psychosocial aspects
  • scientifically researches and brings its own proposals for solutions in the field of its profiling

A graduate of the study program in Spatial Planning (3rd degree) will learn:

  • principles, approaches and methodology of scientific work
  • identifies problems and formulates fundamental goals and procedures of research, draws conclusions for the development of theoretical knowledge and for practical application.

Study plan of the Spatial Planning program for the year 2022/2023.

Schedule of academic year 2023/2024.