Assoc. prof. M. Arch. PhD Daniela Gažová is graduate of architecture, has a PhD and habilitation in urbanism. STU fellow for more than 42 years, she is active in the field of research and teaching of landscape design and planning, and in in the field of professional activity of urban and regional planning.
She was co-author of the concept of the study programme landscape architecture and is co-guarantor of the study programme spatial planning.
She educated 48 graduates in the fields of Urbanism and Spatial Planning. She trained 9 doctoral students in the field of doctoral studies in the field of Urbanism and Spatial Planning.
From 1993 to 1996 she worked as the 2nd Embassy Secretary for education, science and healthcare at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Prague.
She is the scientific network coordinator of ECLAS, a network covering research institutes and universities teaching landscape architecture and planning in Europe.
She solved 22 scientific research projects, of which 12 as a responsible researcher, made-to-order of state authorities, 3 VEGA projects, 1 KEGA, 1 MVTS. Scientific and pedagogical activities focus on the methodology and theory of landscape architecture and planning, urban design and planning and regional planning.
Her works have been published 5 times in WoS/Scopus indexed databases. In her publishing activities, she is an author or co-author of several chapters and monographies.
She has lectured at more than 30 scientific conferences, of which at least 16 are international.
Her lectures were held in many prestigious universities, Vienna, Stockholm, Prague including.
In professional practice, within the creative activity of an authorized architect and landscape architect, she prepared and managed 14 urban planning documents, 17 construction projects, about 30 studies, realized 16 architectural and landscape works and a number of exhibitions of author’s works, won awards for 11 urban and landscape competitions. She is the author of dozens of professional articles.

Research interests: landscape architecture, urban design and planning, landscape planning, territorial planning, architecture

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