Michal Hajduk completed his engineering studies at the Faculty of Architecture at STU, and later continued his doctoral studies at the Institute of Management in the Spatial Planning program, which he completed with a dissertation on “Using social media in a participatory planning culture.” After graduating, he joined the Institute of Management as a researcher and continues to devote himself to research and teaching. The main research and teaching topics include the study of urban development, urban public space, participatory culture, but also topics such as the sustainability of urban development, energy and the SMART CITY concept, which he also develops as a participant in several international projects. As part of exchange visits, he studied at East China Normal University in Shanghai and exchanged teaching stay at the Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik. In addition to his academic activities, he is also involved in architectural practice and the use of gained knowledge in the commercial environment.

Research interests: Architecture, Urban Planning, Citizen Participation, Citizen Engegament, Urban History

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Office: ÚM STU, 3rd floor